From components to consumer goods, Global Source Supply is a streamlined sourcing solution for your business, enabling you to deal with a professional UK team, while enjoying the cost benefits enabled by sourcing overseas from our quality-tested partners.


It’s simple – you have a requirement – we fulfil it – our team take care of everything, streamlining the process of getting the product from the manufacturer to your warehouse, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


We’ve got the the resources and the product expertise to source and supply almost any type of product and material – consumer, commercial or industrial related.

Do you want off-the-shelf parts and components at competitive prices? We’ll find you the best-value suppliers in China. With a vast manufacturing capability and lower workforce costs, it’s the ultimate global sourcing destination.

Do you want existing products for you to adapt to your requirements? Making the changes can be inexpensive, but finding the right factory can be time consuming and costly – unless you know those markets. We can give you the levels of customisation you need – so you can modify products as required.

Global Source Supply will:

  • Select the best supplier based on product requirements, quantities, target prices and the supplier’s experience and competencies
  • Project manage everything for you
  • Negotiate on price, quantities, schedule, contracts and delivery
  • Manage the end-to-end manufacturing process: tooling, samples, purchasing, pre-production runs, full production runs, packaging and quality control
  • Assist with product branding, packaging development and product adaptions


We can manufacture just about anything for you… any size, type or quantity of product.

  1. You give us the specifications of the product you want to make
  2. We find the ISO-accredited factories who can meet your criteria
  3. You’ll get quality assurances and a competitive price promise
  4. We take care of the supply chain, from approving designs to overseeing quality control, to ensuring on-time shipment

Your product’s only as good as the factory that makes it; we’ll find a factory that can:

  • Handle all the demands of your product and specifications
  • Meet all your quality requirements each and every time
  • Work in true partnership with you
  • Our manufacturing capability is wide-ranging. We have the contacts – and our contacts have the expertise to help you.

Here are just a few of the things we can do for you:

Quality Control – Rapid Tooling – Metal Casting – Metal Forging – Metal Fabrication – Machining – Plastic Molding – Rubber Molding

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Whether you’re a business owner, purchasing manager or entrepreneur, the benefits of working with Global Source Supply can be transformative, bringing significant savings in both time and money, and allowing you to focus on business growth. Key factors to consider are:


“Working with Global Source Supply was a revelation. We knew what we wanted, but we had no idea how to go about sourcing overseas. The Global Source Supply team stepped in and took care of everything, getting us what we needed at a huge cost reduction from our original suppliers. Our first delivery was perfect and it’s always a pleasure to make a repeat purchase.”

Wholesale Client, Display Equipment & Fixtures


If we tell you we’re manufacturing or product sourcing agents, you’ll get a good idea of what we do. But we strive to do a lot more …

We’re not just here to be your manufacturing or product sourcing agents; we’re here to manage the entire supply chain for you. That’s everything from sourcing the right factory to overseeing quality control. All taken care of. It’s a partnership arrangement really. Working in partnership with you and our suppliers helps us communicate your needs more effectively. And it helps us leverage better deals from factory owners who respect and trust us. Our ultimate aim is to reduce the total cost of your product purchases.


We start by getting a thorough understanding of your needs. Not just the big things like price, product specification, and quality of manufacture, but all the things that are just as critical but harder to convey to suppliers: everything from your expectations of service delivery to your expectations of your product.


We’re fortunate to have a huge contacts list of suppliers throughout China; factories with specialisms in different production processes and a vast range of capabilities. These are not just factories that do an exceptional job, and who will work hard on your behalf; they’re factories that we trust. But if we need to conduct a wider search, we will, quality auditing as we go.


We have people ‘on the ground’ in China, performing ongoing quality audits and ensuring compliance with your standards – that’s one of the big benefits of working with us. You will never have to be disappointed by failed targets or faulty production runs. And you won’t even have to oversee any of the processes yourself. It’ll all be done for you.


Again, you set the agenda. Products can be shipped as quickly or as cheaply as you wish. Either way, we’ll work to your deadlines. We’ll be on hand to ensure target dates are met, to guarantee that products leave the warehouse and reach their allotted shipping routes on time.

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Our charge structure is transparent and straightforward – no hidden costs, no surprises – everything is clearly quoted upfront for your complete peace of mind.

At the beginning of a new project, we ask our clients to pay a small registration fee (price on application), deliverables include a spend-and-opportunity analysis report including a comprehensive landed quotation and usually counter samples. Only when you have successfully placed an order with us, do we apply a global sourcing management fee. This is charged based on a percentage of the total order value.

We’ve already established excellent working relationships with suppliers all over China, and we can leverage additional value through our insightful negotiation tactics, and economies of scale within our business. We pass these savings onto you. Result: you will benefit from fantastic rates for your products, freight forwarding and foreign exchange services. Our customers are usually easily able to offset the cost of our service against the savings we make elsewhere.

Typical rates are as follows:

Order Value Our Fee
£500 – £5,000 15 %*
£5,000 – £10,000 12 %
£10,000 – £25,000 10 %
£25,000 – £50,000 7.5 %
£50,000 + 6 %

* Please note there is a minimum global sourcing management fee of £400.00 for each order.


Global Source Supply helps you find strategic solutions for your global purchasing requirements. We’re a UK-based limited company with over 30 years of experience sourcing, manufacturing and importing products from all over China.


Ben Allen
Ben AllenSupply Chain Manager
Head of purchasing department, with overall responsibility for the implementation and management of projects.
Joseph Allen
Joseph AllenSales Manager
Management of key accounts, working closely with business owners, purchasing managers and inventors.
Changmin Liu
Changmin LiuSourcing Manager
Responsible for the procurement of products and materials and the strategic factory selection process.
Frida Yang
Frida YangOperations Manager
Responsible for the management of production, ensuring that orders are managed effectively throughout the manufacturing and export process.
Andy Zhuang
Andy ZhuangQuality Control
Responsible for undertaking production inspections to ensure that all merchandise produced is of the highest caliber.


Looking for a specific product to rebrand? Need reduced costs on components? We’re ready to help. You can call us with general questions, or specific questions. So whatever your query is, don’t hold back.

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